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About QuestMark

18 Years. 4 Funds. 60+ Investments.

QuestMark is an expansion-stage firm investing behind exceptional management teams building market-leading or market-creating companies. We've worked hard over 18 years, four funds and 60+ investments to establish a track record and reputation as a valuable and trusted partner with our portfolio company management teams and co-investors.

How We Invest

  • $5-15 million for our initial investment, with ample reserves to support continued growth.
  • We build relationships with management teams and investors well ahead of a fundraising event. This creates an immediate base of trust to build upon.
  • With our limited partners and close co-investors, we have the capacity to invest $25-30 million in appropriate situations.
  • We typically lead financings; however, we welcome investing alongside co-investors that are growth-oriented, experienced in private market investing, and aligned in vision. In either case, we will support the companies with equal vigor.
  • We prefer to complete due diligence and submit a fully-baked ready to invest term sheet.
  • We prefer companies with strong (and real) recurring revenue.
  • Stagewise, there's no magic revenue number; it's more about momentum and fueling a proven, go to market strategy.
  • We invest to accelerate and establish clear market leadership.
  • We invest in teams pursuing ideas big enough to support long-term standalone success.
  • We also fund acquisitions and are open to partial secondary purchases that maintain stakeholder alignments.
  • We're opportunists, with particular interest in enterprise software, vertically-focused cloud software, mobile software, tech-enabled business services, security, financial technology, consumer internet, and healthcare IT.


Partnering with QuestMark


Ben Schapiro
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